How to Choose Hoops

Being that hoops are the one accessory that brings your look together, it’s important to know what hoop type is unique to your style. From making a loud statement to providing a subtle pop, each one of our hoop styles adds a different touch, making it easy for you to choose one suitable for yourself. And that’s why we’re here - continue reading for our exclusive guide on hoops because darling, you deserve to look and feel luxurious.
We offer a vast range in hoop size and style to give you the best possible options. 
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Hoops For the Occasion
How to determine which pair to wear for the occasion
Essential Hoops: The classic hoop done right. These lightweight and timeless everyday hoops are a style choice you will never regret, enough to be worn alone and enough to complement a stack too.
U Hoops:  Here’s where U can make a statement - your next office meeting, meeting a friend for coffee, or date night. These ear candies were designed to class up any outfit, dressy, professional, or even your casual looks.
Croissant Hoops: The most perfect midi hoop…and all ready for these autumn/winter weddings. The delicate detailing on these classic pieces will beautify any gown-style dress.
Chainlink Hoops: These are truly those special occasion earrings. Fine dining, weddings, or the celebration of milestones ~ these classic intertwined chain style earrings are there to help you create lasting memories.
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