Get Ramadan Ready

Get Ramadan Ready

One of the biggest gifts that Allah (SWT) can bestow upon mankind is right around the corner ~ 30 days of blessings, forgiveness, and miracles. This is a time to grow spiritually and become closer to Allah and those whom remind you of Him. Get ready with us by taking full advantage of this golden opportunity with the following tips:

    1. Make time for du’a

The best thing about Ramadan is that you have a myriad of options for quiet time: before Fajr as you watch the sunrise, after Iftar when you’re winding down from the day, or even during the afternoon when you’re taking a break from the outside world. Carve out some time to start working on your du’a list. A really great way to keep grounded during this time is to write a little blurb as to why that du’a is so important to you. Don’t be shy with these ~ no problem, or dream, is too big for the Almighty.

    2. Meal plan & get your chores done

National Spring Cleaning Week could not have happened at a better time - the week before Ramadan! Now is the time to get into every nook and cranny of your house that needs your attention so that you may enter this holy month with a relaxed spirit. Another tip, get your Eid shopping done sooner rather than later! The last thing you want to do is to spend your precious time during the last ten days scurrying to get gifts. 

Your spring cleaning list includes your spice cabinet and refrigerator, people! The easiest way to meal plan for the month of Ramadan is taking it two weeks at a time. Use a calendar to fill in your suhoor (meal before sunrise) and iftar (meal after sunset) menus. Once you’ve listed out your favorite dishes that you’ll be making this month, see what ingredients you already have and will need in order to make this Ramadan a successful one. In the second week of Ramadan, begin doing the same for the last half of Ramadan (which also includes the very important last 10 days) so you’re utilizing your time wisely.

    3. Make an intention & complete your Ramadan goals

If you couldn’t tell, our journals are our best friends. Jot down your goals for Ramadan this week. We know there’s so much you want to accomplish during this holy month, we’re in the same boat. When you figure out your game plan ahead of time, you’ll be more likely to fulfill your intentions in an easy and relaxed manner. 

What are your goals? They can be organizing your du’a list and dedicating a special time to them, completing the Qur’an, volunteering for those in need, or welcoming your neighbors into this blessed month. Whatever they may be, we hope you accomplish them all and more.

And as always, give this Ramadan your all. Imagine ~ you were specifically chosen by Allah (SWT) to be a part of this blessed time. We will keep our Riwaya community in our prayers as we reap the benefits of this holy month. Ramadan Mubarak!

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